Little Bunny Foo Foo Would Approve

Apparently, there’s nothing funnier to Murrow than when Momma and Poppa pretend to bop each other on the head. Gary or I will sit in front of the mirror with Mo in the lap, and the other parent will stand in back and make bopping motions, while the boppee says “ow”. It makes for guaranteed laughs.

One Comment

  1. garylove wrote:

    In case anyone is wondering, Murrow seems to enjoy both of his parents being battered equally. He does not seem to take any additional joy in Momma trying to bash Poppa’s head with a bat. It is only Kim who takes special delight in that action.

    Also, for the record, I was the first one to emulate crushing the Momma with my bare hands in the mirror…however, Kim was the first one to try getting the same result by actually hitting me in the head repeatedly.