Milestones Minus the Images

Murrow’s been a milestone monkey this past week…unfortunately we don’t have any pictures to provide it. You’ll just have to trust us:

  1. Today at his second 5th of July party he took his first steps. Poppa missed the first one, but was there when he took 4 (mostly to pivot).
  2. His 7th tooth has popped up (way in the back of his top set).
  3. He moved from his little baby car seat, to his big boy cow patterned seat.

I promise we’ll be better about the photos soon.


  1. valerie wrote:

    what’s a 5th of July party? Yay Murrow, that’s a lot of milestones in one week!!!

  2. garylove wrote:

    The 5th of July party is the party that our old college advisor has each year around July 4th. Since it is never (that I can remember) actually on July 4th, we just call it the 5th of July party (even though it is rarely on July 5th).