MLK Day with Poppa

Coming off of the family-wide outbreak of the stomach flu, MLK Day was a perfect day for Murrow and Poppa to get out of the house and have some fun. It was a freezing, but beautiful, day at the Sculpture Park. Murrow loved running around Alexander Calder’s Eagle…something about a massively spikey orange hunk of iron gets the boy excited.

After warming up in the car and taking a 2 hour nap in his car seat (Poppa was very, very bored), we were off to the Seattle Center for some gospel music in honor of MLK. Although the choir was good, it couldn’t hold his attention for long, so it was off to more running, a stint at the arcade and lunch. Murrow enjoyed eating lunch using a booster seat instead of a highchair, but it won’t happen again for awhile, since he tried to launch himself off of it.

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  1. alison wrote:

    I just love that puppy dog hat!!