Gruel, the thin porridge served to orphans, is also what Murrow got for his first meal.  Who would have thought that after receiving regular feedings of boob-a-licious milk, he wouldn’t really care for a nearly tasteless paste?  I wish I would have taken the picture of momma trying to be supportive and having a taste of this rice mix, her “yuck” face was worse than his.


  1. Angela wrote:

    Owen had exactly the same response, along with crying because he could taste the breast milk mixed with cereal but he couldn’t understand why he was being nursed like this.

  2. alison wrote:

    So funny, happy memories! I finally gave up doing plain cereal b/c all my kids hated it. Some mashed bananas in the cereal work great!

  3. garylove wrote:

    Yup, I’ve heard that kids generally start to get into the whole solid food thing once you can give them something good (sweet potato, banana, etc).

    Angela, I love the pictures you sent. Especially the one with red stuff smeared all over his face. Have you started him on spaghetti with meatballs?

  4. Angela wrote:

    Owen is a big fan of spaghetti and meatballs, especially when he gets to feed himself! Its funny actually…Owen has never been terribly picky until recently. He would eat anything put in front of him, except cereal mixed with breast milk because that just threw him for a loop, but lately he has been turning his nose up at food he used to like. I can always count on carrots, peas, green beans, graham crackers, and meat sticks (sounds disgusting huh) though!

    So what is Murrow going to be for Halloween?!

  5. Angela wrote:

    I almost forgot…Brett said you all were going to be in Colorado in November. When are you coming into town? Brett and I are soooooooooo excited to meet Murrow. He seems so absolutely adorable and I think he looks alot like you. I recently read that babies tend to look more like the father in the first years of life so that the father feels a biologic imperitive to care for the child and not leave the baby outside the cave.

  6. garylove wrote:

    Kim, Murrow, and I are all flying down for Thanksgiving. We get in Wednesday afternoon and leave Monday afternoon, so there should be plenty of time for baby racing.

    Murrow was “Snakes on a Baby” for Halloween.

  7. valerie wrote:

    My weird kid loved rice cereal! He clammored for more, until daddy mixed it with water. Then it was just down right gross. He also loved bananas. I say “loved” because now we are in day 5 of the poop strike. Talk about an unhappy baby. We’re going back to breast milk for another month!