Mostly Hits, Some Misses

The first two nights we had the toddler bed up, he spent much, ok, most, of the night either screaming or sleeping restlessly on the floor by his door. Sucked. For everyone.

But that was just the first two nights. Since then, he’s gone down very calmly and quietly. And he’s staying nicely in his bed. However, he has been waking up about half of the nights, requiring one of us (ahem, Momma) to go soothe him and lay him back down. Still, we’re calling it a success. Big boy-ness. Fun.

One funny thing… Now, when Murrow gets up in the morning, he whines a bit on the floor until we (ahem, Momma) go(es) to open the door, at which point he says “No,” and pushes the door closed. This doesn’t usually latch the door, so we (ahem, Momma) trudge(s) back to bed and wait until Murrow is ready to come out and greet the day.


  1. alison wrote:

    you realize this is all gary’s fault, right? many a time I’ve heard about how at 6 months old he escaped from his crib and crawled into his parents room in the middle of the night to say hi.

  2. garylove wrote:

    Kim forgot to mention that the the way Murrow “greets the day” is to come into our bedroom and run laps around the bed.