Murrow Brings the World Together

Whenever Murrow is out in public, everyone likes to look and smile at him, or to tell us that he is the cutest/strongest/smartest baby they’ve ever seen.  The funny part is that it isn’t just limited to random grandmas or other parents.  Results from last night’s downtown walk were:

  • Skanky mall walkers like Murrow
  • Spiky haired hipsters like Murrow
  • Bleached blond asians like Murrow
  • Other people’s children like Murrow

As the mid-term elections come up, and I inevitably call my brother an idiot for voting republican, let’s all remember what we can agree on.  Murrow is friggin’ adorable.


  1. Jeff wrote:

    Who said I was voting Republican? I’m either voting Libertarian, Constitutionalist, or none of the above. I refuse to vote for anyone in one of the two big parties.

  2. garylove wrote:

    I guess wasting a vote is better than voting Republican. I’m behind ya bro.

  3. alison wrote:

    hey, your kids aren’t the only cute ones!! maybe we should have a cute baby contest when you all get here—head to the mall, you know, make it fair and impartial! 🙂

  4. garylove wrote:

    Don’t forget, he’s also the strongest and smartest. You should see him at the gym, he’s benching 3 times his weight…all while reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

  5. valerie wrote:

    you are friggin’ hysterical Gary 😀

  6. garylove wrote:

    Admit it Valerie, the fact that Murrow has already got a doctorate and is expected to be the first round draft pick for the NFL next year is the reason why you and Evan are running off to San Francisco for Thanksgiving.

    Ali, don’t worry, we’ve asked Murrow to pretend to be a normal baby while we’re in Colorado. He’s come up with hysterical bit where he drools all over the place, pretends he can’t walk, and just makes goo-goo noises. He’s great at it, but you should see his impression of Dan Akroyd from Coneheads.