Murrow Power

This is my favorite photo of Murrow so far.  It’s just so typical of him.  He must have had his hands near his face in the womb, because no matter how tightly we burrito him up, he always wiggles his little arm(s) out. 

Hey moms and dads out there, did your kids do this? Or is it just Murrow being Murrow?


  1. alison wrote:

    LOL!! ok, i never realized how ROUND murrow’s head is until i saw this photo. so cute!! as for your question, i think its both habit from incubation and his personal preference too. he probably likes having his hand near his face–or likes to suck on it at some point–and that’s normal. i think my kids still slept with their arms up like that till they were about a year old, not constantly, but you’d catch them doing it in deep sleep. that and the sucking in their sleep.

  2. Jeff wrote:

    You need to get rid of the umlots on the u in stuf. I’m not able to subscribe to the rss feed because its not valid xml.

    Oh, and to stay on topic my kids could wiggle out of their burrito wrap all the time. And just a tip in response to one of your earlier posts. If you see some yellow on your shirt, its not mustard. Just keep that in mind.

  3. Angela wrote:

    Murrow is absolutely adorable…crazy cute! Owen definately wiggled his arms out of his burrito and he still sleeps with his arms above his head.

  4. garylove wrote:

    Thanks Bro and Sis-in-law.

    Jeffro: The technical support line for MurrowLove.com is 555-Whatever. However, the powers that be have fixed the problem (one umlaut to rule them all!).

    Angela: Good to know that Murrow isn’t some sort of freak. All of the babies in the cute pictures online are nestled up in their cute little swaddle blankets. I’m confident that if I put Murrow in a straight jacket, that he’d learn to dislocate his shouler in order to work his arms out.

  5. T-Square wrote:

    BWAHAHAHAHA…All 3 of my kids would find a way to wiggle free of the burrito wrap.

    Brandon was the one who stayed burrito’d the most, Zachary would bust out his legs no matter what I did and Sydney, well she just stright up refused to be burrito’d. Would wrap that girl up and she would be lose and blanket on the floor in 5 minutes.