Murrow is not SweePea

Kim and I love how well Murrow eats.  So far he’s eaten everything we’ve put in front of him, peas, sweet potato, winter squash, pears, pears & raspberries, garden vegetables, etc.  Today, we found something he won’t eat.  Spinach and potatoes.  Not only did he make the yucky, gaggy, face.  He actually threw up after every other spoonful.  Yum.


  1. Alison wrote:

    i think its amazing that he eats all that stuff to begin with! my kids are definitely fruit-ers! well, now they’ll eat broccoli, kale, and stuff. but it took a long time.

  2. Karen wrote:

    I love the baby food jar collection. It’s like the college boy beer pyramid but much, much sweeter.

  3. Kim wrote:

    To Murrow’s credit, the spinach and potatoes really taste horrible.