Murrow has been in pain lately…no, not splinters in the mouth, but check out the picture of his bite marks on the crib.  He's getting over a cold, he has his third ear infection, and his new medicine tastes like chalk (instead of his oh-so-yummy pink stuff).

Of course when Murrow isn't feeling well, he's also a pain in our collective parent asses.  He hates to eat anything other than O's, brown rice crispies, and freeze dried apples.  If it wasn't so infuriating, we might notice how cute he looks when he's clamping shut his little baby lips.

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  1. Alison wrote:

    i’m really surprised that your crib didn’t come w/the protective plastic rail cover. we’ve been giving ryan ibuprofen at least once a week lately b/c of the teething. oh…try cold baby/mini carrots–they’re a great teething help.