Perfect Parents … Horrible Parents

These first few weeks are totally bipolar.  When Murrow is eating and sleeping well, we feel like the best parents on earth.  We’ll pass by a crying baby and scoff … our baby would never freak out like that.  Then all it takes is one fussy 3am feeding, and all of a sudden we’re the worst parents ever … how did we ever think we’d be able to do this?  Needless to say, the picture below are taken during the “perfect parents” moments.


  1. Jeff wrote:

    When Alison and I were dating we would go to restaurants and hear a crying baby and say we would never take a baby to a restaurant. Boy how things change once you actually have one.

  2. alison wrote:

    yeah, we’re the ones that people say stuff about now, like:

    “gee, i thought i’d want to have kids, but not anymore!”

    “do they ever feed those children?”