Proud Parents, Pissed Baby

Murrow had a big milestone today, he rolled over from his belly to his back. 

The picture is of the happy (babies scream and yell and have watery eyes when they’re happy…right?) baby right after he rolled over for the first time.  It happened while poppa was at work, but when we were all together this evening he did it three more times.  It is as if a light switch went off in his head and now it’s no big deal.  We’re assuming the next step is log-rolling around the house and down the stairs….it’ll be when he can roll up the stairs that we’ll be really impressed.

One Comment

  1. alison wrote:

    I just love the look you’ve captured!! It speaks a gazillion words of confusion and betrayal. LOL!! soon he’ll realize that wow, i can move to where I want and everything i see is MINE!! at least that’s ryan’s perspective!