Return of Kih

That’s right. After a month and a half of wandering out there in the cold and wet neighborhood, the cat returned home this weekend, meowing and extremely skinny, but remarkably friendly. Murrow even seems to remember her, taking up his “Kih” exactly where it left off when she left. And Kitty (well, her name is actually Monkey, but that’s going to get really confusing when Murrow starts learning what words actually mean), perhaps regretting her decision to come back, has been chased around the house while Murrow learns the fine art of “gentle-ness.” In the meantime, I now have TWO little guys to fatten up.


  1. Alison wrote:

    I wonder where Monkey has been?

  2. valerie wrote:

    Yay, I am glad the monkster came home. Evan is also learning “gentle” while chasing after the cats (and dog) yelling in a very friendly voice, “hi kitty! hi kitty! hi kitty!”