Strongest Genes Ever

Hair – Kim’s.  Eyes – Kim’s.  Nose – Kim’s.  Skin – Kim’s.

Hiccups – Gary’s.

At least I got one thing.


  1. sandi kurtz wrote:

    Many congratulations — he looks like a charmer. All of you, get some sleep while you can!

    sandi kurtz, via the Weekly

  2. Audrey Keniston wrote:

    Your baby is beautiful. When are you coming back to Longmont to show him off? Be sure to stop by here. We would love to see him. Hope you are ready for lots of fun and alot of sleepless nights, but they are worth it. Lori says congratulations too.

  3. alison wrote:

    Gary, the feet are yours too, i hope! I don’t believe those feet came from Kim. Murrow is definitely a handsome boy though.

  4. claudia wrote:

    congrats 567!!

    He probably got one more thing that your wife DOES NOT HAVE … lets hope!

    Beleive me. Kids are wonderful. don’t let anyone tell you they are a pain in the ass. And this is coming from someone who never wanted kids.

    gets ome rest!!

  5. Tak wrote:

    Congratulations to all of you. Murrow, from one half-asian to another, you’re genes represent the best of both worlds, especially given how great both parents are.


  6. david johnson wrote:

    berko just shared the news.

    you guys rock. hugs to kim from gabriella and me.