The Baby Jive

Sung to the tune of the Java Jive. Gary disapproves of the rhyming of “pop” with “lollipop.” Baby doesn’t seem to mind.

I love Murrow, yes I do
I love the Murrow, even when he poos
Murrow and me
He’s got stinky feet
But, then again, his mamma’s feet stink, too.

I love Murrow, and he loves me
I love the Murrow, even when he pees
Murrow and me
Together we’ll see
If we can climb the big ol’ walnut tree.

I love Murrow, and so does pop
We love the Murrow from his toes to his top
Murrow and me
and poppa makes three
Together we’ll lick one big lollipop.

One Comment

  1. alison wrote:

    that’s so cute! you guys should cut a CD, then make millions marketing it around the world!

    oh, was going to ask if you Mr. Murrow is in need of any fall clothes. if so, what size?