The OC Finale

It’s just like any other night for Kim and I.  Sitting on our asses watching the OC…just no tivo, so we have to sit through all the commercials.  There’s also the small details, including Kim is hooked up to 2 IV’s and constantly has people buzzing around her.

Basically, nothing interesting will happen tonight.  They’re getting her body ready to go through the whole labor thing, so they probably won’t start the induction until early tomorrow morning.

In case you’re wondering what we’re having for dinner, it’s linguine with marinara for me and clear liquids/IV drip for Kim. Yum.


  1. alison wrote:

    that’s no fun!! i hope the nurses aren’t nazi’s!!

  2. Angela wrote:

    Good Luck! Our hopes and prayers are with you. We can’t wait to meet baby Murrow!
    Brett, Angela, and Owen

  3. garylove wrote:

    Nope, no nazis here. The nurse last night was really nice, we had a long conversation about how stupid America’s maternity and paternity leave laws are (family values…whatever).