The Official Santa Photo

Nordstrom’s sent us the “official” photo of Murrow and Santa.  Not too shabby, better than poppa’s quick camera-phone images…although Murrow looks old and wrinkly.

Next year, hopefully we’ll remember to get reservations for the Santa, rather than waiting in line for another 3 hours.  But if he enjoys the process as much as this year, maybe we’ll just pack up a thermos of hot chocolate and have some fun.


  1. Alison wrote:

    if you want i can just bring our santa suit out (my dad’s old one) and you can have a friend dress up. then you can send it back when you’re done. unless you like the mall thing…

  2. garylove wrote:

    Thanks for the offer Ali, but we get a kind of sick pleasure out of standing in line for a fictional character.

    Did Jeff ever mention that I used to be a Santa-for-hire when I was in High School? A friend’s mom had a Santa suit and I’d go to office parties or gift exchanges and let people sit on my lap. I’m sure I was very believable.