These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Just a random (that’s for you, Uncle Two Belts) smattering of things we’ve been into lately.

The brown bear hoodie – Cute, cute, cute. Whoever thought up the toddler hoodie is a kid-fashion genius.

Cell phones – Poppa keeps his phone in his shirt pocket. Murrow knows this. Murrow digs it out, plays with it, and replaces it in the pocket.

Saying “uh-oh” – usually as or before something gets thrown to the floor.

Goodnight Moon – Murrow likes to point at the red balloon and the doggie/kitties.

Sometimes I Like To Curl Up in a Ball – Probably Murrow’s favorite book. He hauls it around the house and curls up in his chair with it, flipping through the pages.

Pulling things out of the pantry – Well, pulling things out of anything, really. He’s really not selective about what he pulls out, but when he comes across something he really likes, like his Tings, or rice cakes, he’ll hand it over to me or Gary so that we can feed it to him.

Raisins – Murrow goes through his phases with raisins. At times he likes them. Other times they’re only good for throwing on the ground. Right now, they’re gold.

Grapes – Murrow was REALLY into his cherries. Alas, the season for those is over. So we’ve switched over to grapes, or, as we call them, winter cherries. I think he likes them even more than cherries. And they don’t stain nearly as much.

Feeding himself – Instead of feeding Murrow on the tray that came with his highchair, we put his food on a mat and he eats directly off of that. Lately he’s been grabbing for the bowls and cups that we dispense the food from. He’s actually gotten quite good at eating directly from the cups without spilling the food all over the place. He’s also enjoying waving his fork around and occasionally eating from it.

Garbage – What is the fascination? Well, he does enjoy the whole things-in-other-things thing. He loves to push the trash can in his room around the house . And pull things out of it. And put non-trash items in it. He also likes playing with the broom, so maybe this is all a very good development. Or maybe just a yucky one.

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