Travels With Blockie

There are 50 blocks in Murrow’s collection, but the one he clearly favors is the purple cylindrical one. He’ll pull it out of the box and do all his normal Murrow things with it. He pulls himself up on the furniture with Blockie. He plays with (always with, not in) the exer-saucer with Blockie. He looks at his reflection in the tv (off, of course) with Blockie. He crawls, now very loudly, with Blockie. He bonks Poppa in the head with Blockie.

It’s all very cute. Just remember, DO NOT MESS WITH BLOCKIE. Do not try replacing Blockie with another toy, or even another block. Do not try to hide Blockie. Do not remove Blockie from Murrow’s mouth to insert a spoon. Do not take Blockie and try to spin it like a top. Murrow has teeth. And he’s not afraid to use them.


  1. Alison wrote:

    lol! it gets dangerous when they become attached to a toy.

  2. Alison wrote:

    oh, one good psychological experiment would be to get LOTS of BLOCKIEs and line them up and see if he could determine which one was his favorite.