Tummy Time

Murrow is officially the cutest during his “tummy time”.  Kim will lean him up against his boppy and we get to watch him try to lift and control his head.  He loves it … but not necessarily as much as he loves eating his forearm.  Supposedly he’s beginning to be able to follow objects with his eyes, but mostly he gets distracted looking at momma and poppa.


  1. valerie & david wrote:

    Happy First Father’s Day, Gary!


  2. alison wrote:

    Happy Father’s Day, so what did you get? LOL!! Just Kidding! Murrow seems to have pretty good head control and looks to be in a happy mood. is he doing any better at night? is he still trying to party?

  3. garylove wrote:

    I’m trying to figure out what Murrow should get me for father’s day when he grows up. I despise cologne and haven’t worn a tie since the wedding. Has Nathan or Colin done the father’s day thang yet?

  4. T-Square wrote:

    I am still having a hard time believing that this kid is yours Gary!

    He is the cutest little bugger…has to be his moms looks right? 😉

    Love ya man!!!