Wash, Rinse, Repeat

We are now in possession of a brand-spanking-new washer and dryer set. The old set ate one too many baby socks and was sent off to the gallows. To inaugurate the new machines, we washed one pee-filled disposable diaper in a load of baby clothes. It actually came out intact, but made a whopper of a contribution to the lint trap. No one, to date, has accepted culpability in the matter.

I guess that’s no more disgusting than Murrow’s nightly pee-contribution to the bath.


  1. alison wrote:

    That’s a new one. I know that when Huggies get to water-logged they explode and have all these little gel balls all over the place. its pretty odd what diapers do.

    Congrats on the new washer and dryer though, I hope you don’t have any more dissappearing socks.

  2. garylove wrote:

    Yup, we’ve had a couple of diapers leak those little gel balls. They’re the size of salt when they don’t have any moisture, but get to be bb size when they do. I remember when they exploded on Murrow once we couldn’t find all of them until he peed again.