We’re Not Hippies… Really

Based on a suggestion/recipe from one of our PEPS facilitators, I made up a batch of baby wipes this weekend. It was really easy and quick, although cutting up the paper towel roll proved a little challenging. For the oil, I used Burt’s Bees Apricot Baby Oil, and the result just smells oh-so-yummy.

1 baby wipes dispenser
1 paper towel roll, cut into thirds (use one at a time)
1 cup warm water
1 Tbsp baby oil
1 Tbsp baby wash
Gently mix water, oil and wash together in the container. Add the cut roll of paper towel and let it soak; you will need to flip it once. Then, when it is thoroughly wet, pull out the cardboard center.


  1. garylove wrote:

    Bart: What the hell is this?

    Lisa: It’s one of those campy 70’s throwbacks that appeals to Generation-X’ers.

    Bart: We need another Vietnam to thin out their ranks a little.

  2. valerie wrote:

    I don’t get it.

  3. Kim wrote:

    Just a reference to the hippiness of making the baby wipes at home, I think. But who the hell knows what Gary’s ever talking about?