Where’d That Band-Aid Go, Anyway?

It’s always reassuring when, at your son’s 12-month visit, his doctor expresses that, my, she’s never seen a kid with so many allergies.

Despite this, yesterday’s appointment went pretty well. Murrow actually managed to put on some weight since the last visit, something he hasn’t done in a long time. He was happy as a cute little clam when they poked his finger for the blood draw. (The bandage they used to cover the poke was bigger than his finger.) It helped, I think, that the lab tech was a woman. Our little guy does like to flirt. There were more opportunities for flirting with the front desk people, the doctor (of course), the nurses and an entire waiting room full of people. How two people who hate social interaction as much as Gary and I do managed to spawn such an outgoing baby is beyond me.

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